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Workshop and reading by Willem Wilhelmus

There are still places available for the workshop of the 8th of March 12.00 till 16.00  by Willem Wilhelmus The day before on the 7th of March 04.00 PM, he will give a lecture about his work.

Willem has been living and working in Helsinki since 1994. In 1999 he orientated his work solely to performance art. He combines both the creation and the organization of performance events such as the Fake Finn Festival of experimental live art, La Contact, New Art Contact, Art Contact and Kaapo Hintikka, all of them in Helsinki.

For the P.S. Performance Art Festival The Hague, he will be in Holland for one weekend. You can learn more about the festival at https;// or facebook: P.S.

The workshop will be about performance art related to space.

The space determines a big part of the final performance. How to deal with it as a performance artist? Where does the performer place his public?  What kind of significance has the space in the performance, is it secondary or defining. How can space be used as an advantage in the performance and can you make it into the topic of the performance? Does the performer fit in with his environment or is he in advance looking for spots that are interesting to use in the performance?

Willem Wilhelmus describes his work as: making holes in the time. “I once met a mad poet who was shouting around, addressing nobody in particular: Put a Finger between the Time! I understood immediately, but it took me some twenty years to take it serious in all consequence and concentrate on just that: making holes in the time. I do this as an artist and invite others to do so as a curator-organizer of live art events” he says.

To subscribe for the workshop visit
The costs for the workshop are € 20,00




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